Saturday, September 3, 2011

2012 Viroqua Cross!!!

Hello all!

Every Thursday in Sept and Oct at 5:45 at Washington Park in Viroqua there will be a 45min-1hr practice race.

Free. All welcome, we have beginners to the IA state champ from years back. Just show up and have fun.


Anonymous said...

How many riders would you expect to show up 9/29 and are you sticking to the race format

Chris Newlin said...

We have about 8-12 guys coming this Thursday, we go for about 40min, it is free. Some guys are fast, some guys are starting out, but everyone has a good time, all welcome.

Anonymous said...

Do you meet at 5:45 or is that the starting time of the practice race? Trying to figure out if I can make it.

Bruce Breitrick