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Hank, thanks for the Pub!

We're famous in WI!? Check out Hank D's write-up of the series in this month's Silent Sports. Thanks Hank! 
Soon folks will be flocking to the cyclocross hotbed of Viroqua to get their game on!

Final Tally and the End of the Season!

Hello fans of the Viroqua Cross Series!

We had a great second year of cross racing out here in Viroqua. Lots of new things came about this season that I really hope we can build on for next season.

The most notable was the girls race! Each week we had 2 new girls come out to give cross a try and the result was some exciting races and new category that looks to be our most competitive for next season. LuSa organics really made the races fun with really incredible prizes! While I'm not sure that every girl goes to bed dreaming of soap, the handmade lotions and soaps these guys put into their beautiful prize bags made a the entire podium pretty stoked when they opened their prizes! If it rains more next year they will be even more coveted. Thanks again to all the girls who came out to race and gave it such a hard push! 

Another great change this season was having the course at the Viroqua Elementary School. Thanks Bob Knadle for letting this happen and being so supportive of the series. I'm really excited to get more and more of those kids out and racing their bikes. More outreach is necessary... Scheming needs to take place on how to trick the kids into realizing that hurting on a bike is awesome. Regardless, having a steep hill, trees and pines to work with made the courses more challenging and fun to design. Last year it was figuring out how to make the course long enough, this year it was how to make it hard but not ridiculous. 

Lastly, thanks to Dan Marko, Nora and Heidi from the Vernon Memorial Wellness Center! This year I was all over the place and you guys made the series go with promotion and execution on race days. Heidi even rode a pretty rough race on day in a t-shirt and nearly froze to death. Next year Nora, you too will rock the barriers!

Thanks to Blue Dog for providing great prizes and course support, as well as counting laps so I could race on gameday. While I often wanted to stop, you guys would always yell encouragement and the number of laps. Having guys on BlueDog Customs is pretty cool, soon more dudes around the state will be on sweat custom steel...

To all of the other sponsors and racers thanks! Sibby's Ice Cream made the first set of Barriers and the run-up creamier and tastier. Ice cream goes well with Lactic acid.

Kickapoo Coffee! These guys came out to race and watch. The coffee was great and all the adult beginners went a little harder for a pound of the good stuff. These guys are constantly winning accolades for their excellent roasts and were in the finals for roaster of the year on Not sure if they took away the grad prize, but I know that they were in the running with with three others. 

Cyclocross Magazine sent out some banners, magazines and bells that the kids snapped right up! I wish I had saved some of the mags for me! Maybe I'll get one if they are on board for next season?

Thanks to Borah who w/Nora is putting together a champions jersey for the winners of each category on the year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Smallish Dudes Rocking the Barriers!

Looking good guys. Ishta and Anders, fast and smooth...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturdays Final Flyer!

Hey everyone, look forward to seeing you this weekend. Should be tough, but fun for Marty and I.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Race Report!

Welcome back racefans! We had an exciting first week of races at the Viroqua Schools this last Monday. While we had some folks thinking that the races were still at the old location, those who did make it raced hard and fast!

The first race was the 5-7 year olds and those guys were cruising. Liam and Macy Kueppersmith, Luke Bjorkland, Emery Deutsch and Tucker Hughes rolled out fast and stayed fast. While they all were concered with how they finished, they also appeared to really love riding their bikes fast in a circle! Good stuff.

Next up was the first race to carry Points of the Series Jersey... Last years largest race with the most promising riders for Viroqua's cycling future was a bit depleted by a field trip... but we did have a few guys out there who are die-hard crossers. Giddeon Hooper-Schmit, Will Beaty, Harry Hughes who just upgraded, Anders, and Dominic Falter all lined up determined to get ahead in the points and secure the championship jersey!

Anders and Giddeon took the holeshot as Will's chain snapped and took him out of the running. Bummer for Will who later said philosophically that, "It felt like somebody just didn't want me to race today..." Hopefully Will's bike is in better shape for tomorrow. As Anders and Giddy sped away, Harry and Dominic, both on the younger side of the category began a heated duel for the last step on the podium. Anders won the ice-cream prime and kept his lead to the finish, Giddeon seemed satisfied with 2nd and enjoyed the ride. Again, behind him was the fierce battle between Harry and Dominic, fighting like to small dogs over a large bone. It wasn't until the last 10 ft that Harry knew he could relax. Dominic sprinted for the line, but it was too late, Harry took 3rd. Dominic showed some serious Moxie and looks like he is having fun out there, it was a lot of fun to watch. Next week we'll see the return of Jacob Kaman and Ephy Sutherland among others. Should be a whole new ballgame, but for now here are the standings:

Anders: 5 points
Giddeon: 4 points
Harry: 3 points
Dominic: 2 points
Will B.: 1 point

The next race was the first of the Girls Open races that are sure to enhance the ViroquaCross races. Lining up were Emma Hughes, Theresa and Hannah Falter, and Mikayla Brown. The Falters come from a biking Family, as does Emma, and with newcomer Mikayla it promised to be an explosive event.

From the Gun it was Emma Hughes, exploding out of the gate for the ice cream prime, but in the last barrier she was passed by Hannah in a fine display of barrier grace. Hannah pushed her 5 second gap and grew it to 20 seconds by the end of the lap. Emma held off the other Falter, Theresa, and sped to the line to collect second prize. Theresa embodies the grit and gumption of Falters everywhere and hung in for 3rd place while Mikayla Brown rode it in for 4th. All of these young ladies rode tough and made the crowd excited for the future of women's cycling in Viroqua. Who knows? Maybe the next Katie Compton will come out of western Wisconsin.
Hannah: 5
Emma: 4
Theresa: 3

In the Main Event we saw a strange sight... a single MTBike. With the adults looking at last season's flyer and going to Washington Park, we combined the small field of 9 into one race. First timers Scott Leum, Dick, and Bryn Hawklove on a beautiful BlueDog Customs Cross Rover looked great on cross bikes and showed Moxie riding them as well. Lining up were returnees Lee V., Joe Horvath, Jay Skrede, Thom Falter, Hank D., and Frosty Crosser who wore my shoes at the event, Matt Kuennen and finally . How would Matt do with 'normal' shoes? This and other questions would only be answered on the course.

The Racers were reluctant to take the first row as first time jitters were prevalent. Once the line was toed, the racers were off. Jay took the holeshot all the way to a free ice cream. Not bad! The newcomers were lead by Thom who was still getting the finer points dialed in and took a few spills. Well, if you're not flying, you're not trying as they say. Look for Thom to be duking in it out at the front as it come together. Dick showed that he has an inner crosser and moved up through the remainder of the field, but it's hard to know who will be where next week. Bryn ran into some chain problems and Scott was getting acclimated to the suffering inherent to a 45min race.

Meanwhile at the front Jay was holding a scant lead over Lee and Joe. Lee continued to whittle it down until they were riding together. Lee attacked hard, but Jay responded and countered. It was awesome to watch the mild mannered Jay Skrede take it and dish it out up there. The pace sent Joe H. back to chasing where he remained for the rest of the race, coming in third. Lee finally put in a hard dig with three laps to go and got a gap on Jay. Jay tried but couldn't close. Back in the field Thom and Dick were battling until Thom took a spectacular header, the kind of crash that justifies a video-camera, and Dick pulled ahead. Scott was riding solid behind them for 6th and Bryn and Matt were racing. Great to see those guys go at it. No single spot in the race was conceded. Bryn got the best of the duel, but it should be fun to watch them go at it this season.

Lastly, Hank Deutsch, in his 70s blew all of us win the stands away. He rode the run-up, he rode hard and his speed is coming up... He told me the course was harder than last season, but it was hard to believe watching him race. All of the Spin classes with Nora have brought up his speed. He made all of us proud out there!

Adult Standings
Lee: 5
Jay: 4
Joe: 3

Dick: 5
Thom: 4
Scott: 3

Beginner (for now!)
Bryn: 5
Matt: 4

Hank: 5

Thanks for reading, see you Monday at the Viroqua Elementary Schools!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Week Away...

Here comes Cross season! We're only a few days away from the first WCA race and the first of the Viroqua races. Should be a great season! The locals are fired up and getting on cross bikes. Marty and some of the Southern folk are gearing up as well. Lee V. has filled his tires with goop... Darrel Anders is leading Brin his handmade BlueDog customs rig! Pete is gluing tires, others are mad because he isn't making me do it. Dan's ordered numbers and tape. The barriers are clean and stacked, ready to go. Jay is getting his wheel situation taken care off. TJ, are you ready? Some folks are acting like this isn't the biggest Monday of their year, who are they kidding. Some Lax dudes might come down, Devon from Smith's is ready to go. Willy B. is reminding all of his friends that cross is fun! Mary Lake is bracing herself for the rush of registrants...

Basically the town is ready to rock. Here comes ViroquaCross, thanks to everyone who is excited to race, has put time and effort into making this a go for the second year. Thanks to the sponsors who are dishing out cool stuff to all the racers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hats in CA

One of my oldest friends, Lee from Kindergarden, has bought a Hat. This makes CA the furthest west a Viroqua Cross Hat has traveled. Thanks for supporting the series Lee! Good to see that Lee is still such a Handsome devil. He was a track star in High School and I remember him running a 2:04 800m in 8th grade. Lee would make a great Crosser', hope this hat helps him become a cyclist!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bikes of Viroquacross

Here is Jay S. new bike for this years season. Jay is a 35+ who is a great rider and a super-nice guy. He upgraded his ride for this season to a Trek X2 with Race-Lite Tubies and Sram Rival. It is about 19lbs and looks very nice. Check the Photos.

Anyway, as folks out here are starting to get bikes together for the season I start to worry about the state of my bike! Still in some pieces...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Refurbished Barriers

So here are some shots of the barriers coming together for another season. My brother in law cruised up here and knocked out some serious work around the house. While we were at it, we got rid of some old paint by painting the barriers. Two birds with one stone.

Yeah, so about the peach color... Well, we thought the paint was orange, and as it turns out it was more peachy-colored. Oh well, we have plenty of white barriers so the peach one will be for the primes. Some are white others more peachy. Tomorrow we're going to put some stencils on 'em. Maybe make them more, tough? Not that there's anything wrong with peach...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Hats

Alright, they finally have arrived . The Viroquacross Trucker Hats are in and for sale. $15 gets you a hat, $18 gets it mailed to your home.

On the side of the blog I have mounted a Google Checkout button that should get you a hat ASAP. Buy one!

I will also have the hats at the races, so if you are coming up here we should have one for you at the first couple of races. Because of cost, I only ordered a modest amount of hats, so get in out it now!

I you are local and want to 'reserve' a hat, send me an email and we can meet-up in town at some point. Email to

Enjoy this fine piece of art! My friend Nora spent her nights off toiling over it's awesomeness and it totally shows!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mt Borah Sponsorship!

Mt. Borah is coming on as a sponsor and is going to provide series championship jerseys as well as the Atta-Borah best effort award. This should certainly spice up the series!
Here is how the points for the series is going to go:

Points 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Sept 29th 5 4 3 2 1
Oct 6th 5 4 3 2 1
Oct 11th 8 7 6 5 4
Oct 12th 8 7 6 5 4
Oct 13th 5 4 3 2 1
Oct 20th 5 4 3 2 1
Oct 27th 5 4 3 2 1

So please note that the weekend races will be worth more points. This is to encourage those who have to miss a couple of the races to still come out race and go for it!

Thanks Borah for making it happen!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Race Flyer is ready to go

Here it is, the Fall schedule/flyer. Things to note... Girls only race, open to all girls under 15. No mention of the Mt. Borah Overall series jersey or Atta-Borah effort/aggression award. Also, there will be Cyclocross Magazine Primes and Sibby's Ice Cream Primes!

It is going to be great!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sponsor For Girls Race on Board, LuSa Organics!

Great News, LuSa organics is coming on board as the sponsor of the Girls Race in the VMH ViroquaCross Series.

This race is open to all girls and the prizes for the top three girls will come from LuSa Organics! Very cool as they are a local business that makes a fantastic bar of soap as well as some other very cool organic product. They can be found at there site, click on the logo, as well as the Viroqua Co-Op and I think at the WholeFoods in Madison. Check 'em out as they make great products! I've used the lotion bars for a while and they are great for the dry winter months.

Thanks to Rachel for sponsoring the event! I'm really hoping that the girls specific race really takes off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Early Promotion!

Thanks to Nora and our Title Sponsor, The VMH Wellness Center for putting this together! She is super!

Promotional Flyer

I'm having a hard time getting the flyer up! Nora has made an amazing flyer and I am trying to make it go. This should be up by the end of the day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another New Sponsor! Link Fixed!

So as of yesterday, these guys are now on board! Really feels pretty cool to have a cyclocross specific sponsor for the series. Look for subscription primes and Magazines at the races. The coolest part of this is that the kids who have only ever done our race will see how big cross is and maybe feel a part of the larger culture. That is a good thing as this is a healthy and fun lifelong sport/addiction. And while they may grow up with a strange hankering for chips and abbey, they'll offset it with a thirst for barriers and mud.

Now The link works so click on it!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Sponsor!

Sibby's Ice Cream has become the newest Sponsor for this year's Viroqua Cyclocross Practice Series! Very cool sponsor, they have the first all-organic soft serve ice cream in the United States.

So look forward to ice-cream primes this fall on the barriers and hills at the new course! And check out the Sibby's Site and Store. They are sold in 14 states and have an amazing product, they make Ben and Jerry's taste like skim... We love it in my house, and if you come out to the series chances are you'll get your hands on some!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Casing the Joint...

This might be one of those posts where it makes no sense to anyone but the poster. Anyway, here are some shots of the new course for the Viroqua Series.
Okay, here are some shots of the new course area. Unfortunately, they are not the greatest pictures ever, but hopefully they will illustrate the course okay. The two shots above and below here show the very top of the hill. Above shows the softball field on the top of the hill where the course lies and one of the mounds that will have to be overcome by racers.

Below here is another shot of the top of the hill. The photog was trying to illustrate the grandeur of scale here, but it gets lost in translation. Note The Pines on the right... more later on those, but it is going to be cool in there.

Mostly, this course is just going to be bigger with more features than last year. There will be some wooded riding as well as some hills, descents and barriers. Very awesome...

Note the drain... This grass is going to be fast. It is think dandelion type stuff and is tough as heck. Also note the perfect spacing for a few riders and even some barriers? Looking good.

Again, the pictures on this post are doing what they want, so here are some shots of the trees. Neat.

Here is another shot, maybe to illustrate the size of the course and distance. With some twists put in it should be a much longer and more exciting course. you can kinda see how big the hill is in the right hand corner. It is big... But it doesn't look that big in the pictures. The course will be about the size of... maybe Estabrook? Little smaller than that I guess. Maybe a bit longer than Whitewater, certainly better terrian, features and faster grass. Should be a great cross course!

Well, these pictures are coming up backwards, so here is the Hill. As you can see the hill has some step ups on it that will make for some cool off-camber stuff and a natural run/ride up. Hard to see from the picture, but it has some little ramps on it.

Above is a grove of Pine trees that is about 75 yards long, 35 yards wide. The course will snake through there and do some twisting and turning. Should be fun...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thanks Bob Knadle!

So, two posts in two days! Whoa, not too bad. Good news is that the meeting w/Bob went very well, and it looks like the Viroqua Cyclocross Series is going to have Bob and the Viroqua Schools fully behind it.

This is amazing as the school grounds immediately quadruple the length of the course and add some great elements like a grassy run-up and a grove of pine trees. A wonderful development, this is really going to be a boost for the series as there will be enough race to make things a bit more exciting!

So pictures will hopefully be posted before the weekend... Looks like the course is going to have the potential to be much bigger and have more fun natural elements to contend with.

Thanks again Bob for helping the series grow. Now we just need to get the word out and flood the races with 90 kids from the public school! This thing is only going to get better with the support of guys like Bob, Hank D., Wes Mack, Dan Marko, Pete and Alycann Taylor, all the parents and businesses that are putting time and money into this thing, racers who make the drive and even people who read this blog and think our series is cool. Cross is fun, and I think that's why people can rally around it without a great deal of static. So thanks everyone, and get ready... We are going to need volunteers and sponsors to make this thing go where I think it is going to go...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Time No Post!

Well it has been a while, and as a blog reader I can't believe how long it has taken me to finally get something back up on here. So there is news!

New Site for cross races?
This week I emailed Bob Knadle, the head guy over at the schools to see if we could do the series over there with the hope of attracting more kids to the races. He has responded and I am going to set up a meeting next week! Very exciting as Bob is a biker and I have been told by good sources, Wes Mack and Hanky D., that he is a cool guy. Very much looking forward to check out what we could do over there. It looks like the course has the potential to be really neat with some dense trees that are navigable for 2 bikes and long as well a few natural run-ups. Should be awesome!

Vernon Trails Club
In other news, we had a meeting at the BlueDog where Pete Taylor went through the summer schedule and the ground rules for the club. Looks like Mt. Borah has also offered the kids great discounts on kit, very nice this year too, Thom did a great job!

So if you missed the meeting and still want to be involved with the club, just swing by the shop and give Pete your information. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work on some Trails!

New Trail in Town!
Steve Lawless and 5th grade class at Pleasant Ridge are going to start working on a new trail at the end of Maple St. in Viroqua. This is amazing news, as the dream of miles of connecting trail to Sidie Hollow is quickly becoming reality. Pete is stoked, and has done so much to make riding trail in the county even possible. It really is a big blank slate that is quickly filling in with cool little nooks. Good work Steve and Kids! Giddeon Hooper-Schmidt, member of the 5th grade, just got a new bike and will be tearing it up out there soon. The kids are going to have ownership over both the trails and the local race series, good for the health of cycling in Viroqua and promising for a great future. Again, Pete has really made it happen so far. Hope I can help out with the Time Trials this summer.

Pete has copies of the schedule on the BlueDog link, but here it is again if you missed it: BlueDog
I think you can just click on it... So click on it! Good calendar that is color coded and stuff. Again, a great deal of work has gone into making trail and now making events that use the trail. Great work Pete and Alycann!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Plans for 2008

Hello everyone! It has been a bit of a break around here with vacation followed by some dental surgery. Some fun followed by some pain. The good thing about being stuck in bed is that it allows for some time to think, and for me that always ends up thinking about biking and cross.

So, the big plan for next season is a Juniors Team. I have been thinking about this a bunch, and the best way to fund the squad, outside of sponsorship, is to use the race to create funds for the team and it's travels to races all over the state. The idea is to get any kid the funds to go to any race he/she wants to get to, without having to worry about the costs of travel and registration. While not every racer from our series will want to travel to races, at least they will have the opportunity to do so without incurring the huge cost of travel etc.

Now what I need to do is put together a meeting to see who is interested in being on the team, volunteering to help run the races and squad, and secure the fantastic sponsors of the race series! My goal is to have a community sponsored team and event that lets kids delve into cycling as deeply as they want to, without too much of what tends to ruin youth athletics in other sports. We have a good thing going here in Viroqua and I think it is only going to get better, but we are going to need all corners of the community to get involved.

Look for a team meeting in the coming weeks, as well as sponsor profiles and schedule updates.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On Vacation?

So not much has been happening around here... The sun is out, daylight savings has come and gone, and people are starting to go outside. I know that I am at least grateful for the change in temps and the addition of sunlight and warmth to the menu. Lee V. of Viroqua Cross fame came up one day and I went down another to do some riding. It was a blast to get out on the road and ride with someone who could drop me at any moment, but chose not to. Fun, and Lee likes to do stuff like ride 50 miles of pave and gravel for four hours or so. My legs hurt enough that I couldn't really sleep. It was intense!

Daryl at BlueDog(one word), put together my new bike, and it is pretty. It is also a lot of bike, very stiff and awesome. Thanks Daryl! He is a great mechanic and cool guy. His custom frames are going to be flying out of the shop soon. He is one of those guys who is just super cool and super talented. I'm looking forward to getting some shots of his new bike on the blog.

Other than all that, not much happening round here. First group ride on Wednesday at the shop, 5pm. Will Beaty came in today to do some intervals on the bike, another reminder about the Jrs. team... When I get back from vacation I'll talk to the fellas about it. Should get something hammered out before the end of the school year.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks for taking the Quiz!

The people have spoken! Thanks for all of your responses to the quiz. Looks like most folks have a hard time with the series because it doesn't fit their time-frame. To those of you who are too far to make it on the regular, it would be great on those odd off-days to get you to check it out. For the locals who have conflicts, stay tuned...

In other news, my boss, the wonderful Dan Marco, suggested doing several clinics locally to get those who consider the idea of jumping off a moving bike and then back on again dangerous into the fold. A good idea! So, look for the schedule of summer clinics soon. They will be fun and full of action, not too many words. So again, look for dates and times in the coming months!

Thanks to Will Beatty for continuing to ask about the Jrs. team! I am working on it! Things are moving slowly in that direction, but thanks to Will and the his enthusiasm I will work a bit harder to get it rolling, no pun intended.

Otherwise, Spring is coming or not? Get here already. That or I need to get some embrocation...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What to look for this week on Viroqua Cross

In the next few weeks we are going to profile our sponsors with pictures and interviews, as well as get a bead on the Cross bikes of Viroqua. Should be very cool.

The first Business that will be on is Kickapoo coffee. TJ and Caleb are fantastic supporters and TJ recently started doing a bit of racing, namely Frosty Cross. I think he might be one of those guys who trains for a week and becomes a Cat1 in his first season. Should be a good read.

In the meantime keep checking back for more pics and posts concerning cycling in and around Viroqua!

Monday, March 3, 2008

More VMH Frostyness

Okay, so Spring hasn't yet sprung or even really come close. Sunday felt different, like the wind was more into being friendly. Now things are looking more frozen. Good thing I have some more pictures of the Frosty Cross to post.

If you didn't make it, these give a decent view of the nasty nature of the tree run-up. Snow is tough. The picture of Dominic Faulter having a go is awesome! He always wants to go again and again. One week I think he did 3 races. A very tough guy... When I am forty and he is kicking me in the face on a weekly basis I hope I still appreciate him!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Remember when?

Ah Fall! Crisp air with just a touch of bite, seems like it was pretty long ago. Today feels hot and it is about 25. I am about to go enjoy some sun and steal a quick ride.

Here are a few shots of last years Halloween race. Meg, Shelia, Paula and Missy all Hammin' it up in the Townie Division. Very goods costumes, this race was actually on Halloween, kinda threw me for the race in Minn. we did the next weekend where everyone was dressed up. We had a pretty good group in Viroqua!

This also gives a decent view of one of our barrier sections, that week was a four-banger. Very fun... You can also see Meg's super-cool cross check in the last photo with the leaf bars and tail. Paula's cheese head was pretty awesome as well. I think she was a Packer fan? Shelia had the bling and bling while Missy... had a wig? Very big wig, so big it was enough to be a costume!

I think Shelia stomped everyone that week. If we can get her on a cross bike next season she could really have a blast at the WCA races. Fast genes she is passing on to the kids! She also would enjoy race that are less than 5 hours in length, she is super fast and super humble. I wonder how she would do against the Madison ladies?

Ran into Adam from the Shop, he is looking great and working for Mt. Borah. Hope he can get to the series next year. He is fast and a super nice guy.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Jacob, Shane, Dan and Will

Kids at VMH Wellness Center Frosty Cross...

VMH Wellness Center Frosty Cross!

Ok, here it is at long last! Pictures from the Frosty Cross Event

Fun Event! I have to get the hang of this Blog stuff as not all of the Pictures made it on. Another Post will be coming soon.

Just a quick word of thanks to the first round of racers who came out and made it a go. It sounded like everyone had a blast. We had some first-time racers who really were great and Parks and Rec made it possible to have a very cool course. They even packed the snow down with a giant tractor the morning of the event! It was very cool.

Got to give some shout outs: First to TJ Sememanchin(sp?) Not only did he provide coffee for the event, both beans for competitors and liquid for everyone, he delivered it on a cold day via Burly. Very Cool, Second he got second in the beginners race! TJ has gobbs of natural ability and I think is going to be a big part of the crossing around these parts for a long time. Thanks for your help and I look forward to seeing you race in the Fall!

All the volunteers get a big shoutout! Josh, April, Lori Kleppe and Mary who ran registration, Candy, Jen, and Dan and Jill who made everything else happen.

Mt. Borah for the beautiful hats that were great gift bag type stuff. We look forward to seeing you guys in the fall. Maybe Raven will even get to come out as a part of the Sponsorship package?

Matt Kuennen who raced his first cross race in the snow! After the race he was just all fired up, you could see that he really loved him some cross. He also did the event in my shoes, so I sort of got to compete. Hope to see you in the Fall Matt, great ride!

All of the non-hockey-playing Viroqua Kids! Effi, Joquin, the Kuboz Boys, Noah who has turned his Dad Ken into a racer, Will B., the Faulter kids who all ride as great as their hammer father Thom.

To the Iowa folks Lee and Andrea Venteicher who make the drive up for this and the rest of our races. Hope the prize $ covered gas!

To all the folks who were first timers and did so in the snow, hope it was fun, thanks for the support!

Thanks again to the Madcross site for posting the results and announcements for this and all other races! People have made the drive simple because it was on the Madcross site that I check daily.

To all the people forgotten!

Catch you all later, only a few more months until fall. Look for a bare boned schedule later next week, and maybe some pictures of the potential course sites.