Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last Weeks Racing!

Howdy race fans, sorry for the lack of updates and reports! Big weekend of travel and some make up for the missed Monday.

Kids Races!
We had some new talent out on the course with Corin Humphries out here racing fixed! Made for an exciting race as he and Jacob duked it out for a bit before settling into 15sec intervals. Out-of-towner from MN, Conner Slonvinski came in behind the two locals. With Jacob gone for the rest of the fall it will be interesting to see how these races shake out.
We also had an open race that was pretty exciting. Will and Corin raced eachother pretty tough for second following in after Jacob...
In the Adult Races...
Beginner/Intermediate will be posted later when I get my notes together, but they were great races.
In the Expert/Produde race, Lee V. and Jay Skrede pulled a fast one on the rest of the field and attacked/blocked from the gun, distancing Chris N., Tom Faulter, Dick and the rest making for an exciting race.
Lee was able to bridge a substantial gap with 3 to go and attack Jay in the final lap. While Lee did win again, Jay rode an outstanding Race and looks to break up the Newlin/Venticher strangle hold on the 1/2 places. Who knows what nuttiness will ensue with Jay's increased fitness and pluck!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Video

Here are some more Videos from last week's races. Connor and Macy railing! Not Connor rocking the Jr-Jr run-ups. Sometimes it's faster and easier to run... and Connor illustrates this on the Jr. Level. My Breaks are squeaky!