Thursday, January 8, 2009

Specs for The Cross Rover

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BlueDog Custom Cross Rover for Sale

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brian Matter in BEL

Hey everyone, hope your New Year is going well so far. No real news from Viroqua on our cross front. The season is long over and I'm starting to get excited for next year, but that's neither here nor somewhere else.

What is exciting is that right now Brian Matter of Wisconsin is tearing apart the Cross scene in Belgium! Check him out at and check out the scene.

If you are new to cross, Belgium is where the sport is most popular. Imagine 20,000 Packers fans rooting for dudes in spandex and mud racing around the town of Viroqua including the park-bowl, screaming, drinking and eating french-fries. The spectators that is, not the racers. Those guys are like Bret Farv-re over there, they have people whose job it is to rub their legs with stinky oils and wash their bikes. It's awesome, and right now the season is at it's peak, while ours is done for the year.

What is also interesting to me, maybe to you, is how people talk about how crappy the weather is over there. Maybe compared to the Mediterranean it is bad, but compared with Viroqua it's bliss. Low temps are just around 20... That's bikini weather here!

So I guess it's fitting that a Wisconsinite is doing great over there. And by doing great I mean top 25 great. So go Brian!