Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hey-yo! Very fun practice again tonight. Dick, Lee, Jay, Bob, Thom and I all came out for the throw-down, and throw down we did! The new cheater sections of the course have made the racing pretty rugged. If you get a gap on somebody, you turn around and there they are again! This tactic was employed freely, and Dick claimed to have a two lap lead at the finish... Maybe he did!

Thanks to all who showed up and had fun. We are starting the races at 5:45 now to squeeze a couple more weeks out of the fading daylight.

Thanks to Donna for hanging out and running the clock, even giving splits! Whoa! It was pretty awesome, accept for when she said that we were pulling too slow a lap. 35 min still seems like plenty of practice.

See you next week, and look for the ViroquaCrossers in Verona this weekend. Jay and Dick in 35+, Bob in the 4s and Chris in the 3s. Good luck to all!

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