Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Thursday and other notes...

Hello ViroquaCrossers, Connie Hawkins aka Chocolate Thunder, or lone follower of ViroquaCross. This last Thursday we had our first Race, or practice race and we had a blast. Slightly greasey out there, we had a full showing of the Local Cross guys, Lee and Andrea from IA and first-timer Eric from LaCrosse! It was fun and we did 2 20min mini-races. Fun. Next week will be missing some, so Jay will be running the show. Please let him know how much you appreciate what a pain it is. He is already watching my chickens...

Also, a few Western WI guys were at the No Good Double Cross today. I saw Eric anyway and he looked great. Really fun conditions, sloppy, just the way you like it. I imploded with lung-mung that doesn't seem to want to clear this season. Paul from MWInc suggested allergy shots and I am gonna look into it.

Each year I suffer like a dog until Fall is cold and Summer is hot. Since I am only fit for 3 weeks a year, it would be nice to be able to race as I only race during my allergy season. If anyone else has a suggestion I'll take it. I already don't do gluten and that has helped other symptoms, but I am all ears at this point.

No matter how much I hated coughing up a lung and puking from the lunging, it was fun to ask a spectator to move so I wouldn't barf on him.

See you the week after next for some fun at 6pm.



Travis Miller said...

I don't know much about allergies,.. and it depends on what kind you have..

But I had really good luck eating honey. I buy local honey from a woman I work with and eat some every day. (about a spoonful, in my oatmeal, yum!)

Doing this alone eliminated my allergies almost 100%. It's worth a try. and hey, if it doesn't work, honey is awesome anyways.

Chris Newlin said...

Thanks Travis! I have been rocking the local honey because it is awesome indeed! Maybe I let it go too far this year?