Saturday, October 10, 2009

10/9 Expert

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Pic from Marty's flkr pages, shot by Roger

Look at those bikes! 2 years ago we had MTBs only, now dudes are rocking tubies here in Viroqua. And while Lee V. will yell at you if you have them, folks in the USA can now get Challenge and Dugast tyres, not tires(?), all over the place. Even here in Viroqua!

The racing began with a LeMans start, mostly because Lee and Chris thought it was funny. The strategy quickly backfired as Jay and Dick took the holshot and gapped the field slightly out of the first turn.

This gap led to nought as Chris and Lee caught at the middle of the first lap and countered off of Jay after the barriers and built a small lead. Jay and Lee rode together until the 3rd lap where Lee attacked to bridge to Chris and spent a lap doing so. Jay rode alone for the rest of the race, chasing and closing until lap 7.

Lee caught Chris on the 6th last and the two settled into a rhythm. Meanwhile Dick and Marty were battling it out behind Jay. Chris attacked on the last run up...

and Lee stayed on him! Note the Blur of speed in the photo... Once Lee caught, he countered on the rise on the backside and kept a small gap into the descent where Chris caught. Lee attacked again out of the following turn and got another gap... Chris caught Lee at the final run-up, but couldn't close the last three feet and Lee took an exciting W.

10/9 Racin, Beginner Adults

Once again we had a thrilling beginners race. While Chris Stuckmam staked a huge lead from the gun, followed by a small t chase of Will B. and Aaron Schmidt, aka "Ha Ha". MIss Kerry from Pleasant Ridge and Meg Newlin followed behind. If every beginner women came on the same night we would have a field of 10. Perfect for our course and those riders looking to race in a mellow setting with a good field. Sigh...

With Chris S. wallering away on the field Haha and Will truly dueled every lap. I should get the video posted, but Aaron, who rides once a week, is really improving and will be a force to reckon with as he continues to ride and develop. His post race quotes truly embody what the sport is. We'll get some live reflections next week.

Anyway, Miss Kerry slowly built her gap over Meg Newlin and rode in for a solid 4th, while Will was able to hold off Aaron with a tough attack before the switchbacks on the back of the course. Aaron chased to the run up, but the gap would not come down. Nice work Will!

10/9 Racin, Girls Race

In the Luna Organics Girls open we had three fast young ladies who were gunning for some great prizes!

Hannah, Alice and Teresa gathered at the start, smiling innocently at each other, then the gun when off. Being a single lap race, the start was important, and Hannah got the holeshot and rode it in from the gun.

Some days you can suffer and other days you cannot. Alice didn't dig as hard as usual, so Teresa put some hurt down and Alice rode a bit more mellow than usual.

10/9 Racin, 11-15

There is a quick video from the 11-15 race. And Alice eating goo, 2x Caf... But boy did she ring the bell after that!

The racing was pretty exciting, some of the guys who raced 2 years ago were back with some other new guys too. Fun was had by all, and the racing was great!

At the start of the race we had all Faulters, Arlo, Luca, Will and Alice and Paul. At the Barriers Luca and Will had gotten a small gap over Paul who was dangling in no-mans land. Dominic and Arlo were locked in a battle for fourth behind them. Following were Hannah and Teresa Faulter as Alice had a Minor mechanical and pulled the chord on that one to save some gas for the girls race. She also started eating goo...

Luca and Will dueled to the line, Will taking it by a bike length. Paul rode in next, followed by Arlo who was taking it easy and was almost reeled in by Dominic, who will never, ever quit. Very awesome resolve by the youngest guy out there. He was followed in by his sisters, who finished Hannah then Teresa.

10/9 Racin, 7-9

Wow! Last night had several Throwdowns that came down to the final run-up. It's a pretty brutal way to finish a race, but fun as a spectator!

In the First kids Race, 7-10, we had three fast and small dudes rocking the chicannery. Macy, Isaac and the Baby Condor were all moving Quickly, but Macy has the eye of the Tiger as well as a Space Alien on his helmet. When you don't have that kinda mojo it makes competing tough. So Macy took it and garnered some great Conti stickers.

See you guys next week!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

10/2 Race Report and Results

We're back in action! This Friday saw the return of Fall like conditions with temps in the 40s and 50s and rain falling intermittently. The course in Viroqua was perfect, hooking up in places as well as providing plenty of bike handling practice. Those who remembered to Pam their pedals and shoes were rewarded!

In the kids races it was the Faulters racing the Will/Alice family... a family battle that pitted brother and sister against brother and sister. Will powered to the front and took a commanding holeshot all the way to the finish. The real battle was for second place. Dominic and Hannah Faulter battled hard, followed by Teresa and Alice. Teresa looked like she had Dominic's number this week, setting up dinner table smack talk and bragging rights for another week. Alas, it was not to be, as Dominic brought her back after a bobble, additional crash and mechanical saw Teresa running up the switchbacks and into the finish. Meanwhile Alice had gone through similar trials on the course and struggled to get her chain back onto her bike after a tough slide on the backside of the course. Alice is a tough cookie and raced hard to the finish despite being gapped with a mechanical.

In the Intermediate race we saw some new blood from Madison. Unfortunately at this time I cannot find my notes from the race! Bummer... The two Madisonites were equipped with Cross bikes and a thirst for Coffee and Margaritas, that was certain.

Tom Faulter was back on the bike with Cameron and Will B. and Will filling out the roster. The dude from Madison was fast and consistent, laying down 5:30 laps, 4 of 'em to take home some Kickapoo Coffee, winners of's Micro Roaster of the Year! Tom was holding his wheel tough, but his converted Roadster's grass and mud friction brakes made staying with him difficult. Tom did hold off a hard charging Cameron who didn't have the same dominating form that saw him win consecutive weeks earlier in the season. Thanks for making the trip Cam! Behind them, the Wills were battling with the other Madisonite, who seemed to be enjoying her first Cross Race. Meg and Emma would have enjoyed another female beginner to ride and race with. Unfortunately, this left only the two boys named Will. The first of did a lap and came off the course... "This hurts!" he said. Once he was reminded that everyone was hurting, he proceeded to immediately caught Will B and said Madisonian.

The three of them continued to battle with Willy B taking it, Followed by our wonderful visitor with forgotten name. So it was pretty cool!

1. Guy from Madison
2. Tom Faulter, Vernon Trails
3. Cameron, Team Waukon Dentistry
4. Will B., VT
5. Woman From Madison
6. Will

Expert Race
With the course all broken in, the Expert race was expected to be quick, and it was. I think anyway, I was hurting!
In the first lap Chris N. and Lee V. opened a small gap on Dick, Jay, Tom and DFM (Dude from Madison) in the first Chicane and it grew at the barriers and through the second Chicane and descent. When Lee spilled in a greasy corner, Chris got another gap and it grew each of the 8 laps of the race until a last lap flat made it a bit more interesting. Riding in on a flat, Chris managed to hold off a hard charging Jay Skrede!
Behind Chris, Jay overtook Lee on the crash and chased hard for the rest of the race. Dick and DFM were chasing Lee hard, DFM attacked Dick, got a gap and Bridged to Lee and passed him on the switchbacks to the run-up, but Lee wasn't done. Surging to the barrier to the run, Lee caught and passed 10ft. in front of the finish! It was a thrilling race to watch as Lee, covered in Mud and snot galloped up the run up to finish in the money.
With the course wet, the race was exciting and technical to the finish.
Thanks to all who came out and helped take down the course in the rain!
1. Chris N., Wheaton
2. Jay Skrede, Vernon Trails
3. Lee V., Bikes To You
4. DFM
5. Dick, Vernon Trails
6. Tom F., Vernon Trails

Interbike and some scattered Race Results...

Hey Folks, sorry for last weeks' cancelation. Missed a bunch of fun stuff, including Sidie Fest, the Vernon Trails Trail building event. Bummer, since year one I have missed it for a bunch of reasons... Now it will be after Vegas every year. Hopefully next year the travel will be less nutty and I won't get sick. Anywho, enough boo-hooing! Vegas had many Cross goodies. Most Notably the Colnago Cross Prestige. This build was around 14lbs.

Also, some race reports...
The week of 9/18 Saw Jay Skrede win his first Fast Guy race! John Sherwin and Aaron Schmidt have come out to spice up the beginner and Intermediate field. John chased around a very friendly(off the bike) guy from Madison. He actually came back and doubled up...
So sorry for the lack of posts and updates. The racing has been fast a furious and we are getting into the heart of the season. Enjoy the pics!

Stuckman took second behind Cameron and Andrea V followed them in. Will B. put in a good effort and chase hard. Good times!