Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flyer Time, The Hubbard Trail

Meg and I have begun work on the flyer for this seasons racing... wish us luck. The time-table is the end of the week. Maybe this Mac computer thingy has some sort of poster application? iPoster? Anyway, we are getting fired up and Meg is starting to work on her cross skills. Having a baby makes for some significant de-training, but Meg is a beast and loves to work out.

Pete Taylor continues to amaze me in how he has time to run a shop with 40 repair tickets at all times and still get excited about something that ultimately is more work. Namely, the Hubbard Trails of Maple St. Fame here in Viroqua.

Cindy Hubbard has donated a large chunk of land here in town for us to build trails on. And when I say us, I mean Pete and some vols. Pete now builds more trail than he does ride, something I cannot believe. We both have two kids, so his riding time is pretty precious. Every week he uses the tiny bits of spare time raking and swinging a pilowski(sp). Even cooler than that, Pete has made the youth of Viroqua the principal trail builders! The kids have put the most time into the trail, and that makes a great project even cooler.

So we here at Viroquacross are standing on the shoulders of giants once again. We are going to have our races at the Hubbard trails that Pete and others have scraped together. The good news is that any dollars made in profit will go towards the Vernon Trails not-for-profit group.

This means that if you are a beginner crosser or mtber you are going to have a pretty fun little course on your hands. Swoopy double and singletrack, barriers and a run-up all in a setting that is right in Viroqua but feels like the Backcountry. The course will ride like Gibbs Lake with a little less climbing and not as long. Not bad for a little guy! So again, if you are nearby and consider yourself a cyclist, come out and have some fun! Support young trail builders and trail systems and cycling in rural areas!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trails in Viroqua

Went to the Hubbard Trail system at the end of Maple St. today in Viroqua on the Cross bike. Wow, we are going to have and awesome series this year. The potential is huge for this system to have a course that flows, is tough, and requires the ability to turn and stuff. While I like courses that are straight ahead affairs, there is something awesome about a course where you might have a bobble if you aren't on your game. That's why this is a practice series, so you can get a workout in while sliding around and running barriers.

So I went with Shane and Jacob and followed Jacob's line downhill. I had to remind myself that I was not a 60lb kid on 2.4 tires, but a 185lbs. dude on super-bald 32s, easy to remember when going sideways. It was fun and I think he was surprised to see me on his wheel. Easy to understand that, he is going to be a baller! Our time together ended when I thought we were going right but was wrong and rode off by myself... met them back at the shop afterwards.

The trails are all in and just need to be ridden to smooth out some, but the skeleton of a great system is in place. The kinda joint where you could go for a ride with the kids before dinner and get a good thrashing in and ride home. It's right in town but I felt like I was out in the backcountry. If you are in the area and want to get some MTB time in on fun and flowing fast trail, come on out and ask Pete at BlueDog Cycles where it is. 

Just awesome, Pete Taylor is making Viroqua into a little Boulder or something. Only better because it isn't Boulder, it's Wisconsin! If anyone from Boulder takes umbrage, just come out and do our races and check out the town! You'll love it till February...