Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hank, thanks for the Pub!

We're famous in WI!? Check out Hank D's write-up of the series in this month's Silent Sports. Thanks Hank! 
Soon folks will be flocking to the cyclocross hotbed of Viroqua to get their game on!

Final Tally and the End of the Season!

Hello fans of the Viroqua Cross Series!

We had a great second year of cross racing out here in Viroqua. Lots of new things came about this season that I really hope we can build on for next season.

The most notable was the girls race! Each week we had 2 new girls come out to give cross a try and the result was some exciting races and new category that looks to be our most competitive for next season. LuSa organics really made the races fun with really incredible prizes! While I'm not sure that every girl goes to bed dreaming of soap, the handmade lotions and soaps these guys put into their beautiful prize bags made a the entire podium pretty stoked when they opened their prizes! If it rains more next year they will be even more coveted. Thanks again to all the girls who came out to race and gave it such a hard push! 

Another great change this season was having the course at the Viroqua Elementary School. Thanks Bob Knadle for letting this happen and being so supportive of the series. I'm really excited to get more and more of those kids out and racing their bikes. More outreach is necessary... Scheming needs to take place on how to trick the kids into realizing that hurting on a bike is awesome. Regardless, having a steep hill, trees and pines to work with made the courses more challenging and fun to design. Last year it was figuring out how to make the course long enough, this year it was how to make it hard but not ridiculous. 

Lastly, thanks to Dan Marko, Nora and Heidi from the Vernon Memorial Wellness Center! This year I was all over the place and you guys made the series go with promotion and execution on race days. Heidi even rode a pretty rough race on day in a t-shirt and nearly froze to death. Next year Nora, you too will rock the barriers!

Thanks to Blue Dog for providing great prizes and course support, as well as counting laps so I could race on gameday. While I often wanted to stop, you guys would always yell encouragement and the number of laps. Having guys on BlueDog Customs is pretty cool, soon more dudes around the state will be on sweat custom steel...

To all of the other sponsors and racers thanks! Sibby's Ice Cream made the first set of Barriers and the run-up creamier and tastier. Ice cream goes well with Lactic acid.

Kickapoo Coffee! These guys came out to race and watch. The coffee was great and all the adult beginners went a little harder for a pound of the good stuff. These guys are constantly winning accolades for their excellent roasts and were in the finals for roaster of the year on Not sure if they took away the grad prize, but I know that they were in the running with with three others. 

Cyclocross Magazine sent out some banners, magazines and bells that the kids snapped right up! I wish I had saved some of the mags for me! Maybe I'll get one if they are on board for next season?

Thanks to Borah who w/Nora is putting together a champions jersey for the winners of each category on the year.